TME 7151M Consultation for Carrington St

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Dear Consultee,

Nottingham City Council (Carrington Street, Nottingham) (Bus Only Street, Prohibition of Driving Amendments) Experimental Traffic Order 2015 (TMP 7151M)

As part of the ongoing development of the southern section of Nottingham City Centre, various projects will affect the way the road network will function within the area. Projects such as the Broadmarsh, NET Lines 2 & 3 and the redevelopment of Station Street has and will change traffic access through a number of prohibitions. As such traffic will use the Southern Relief Route which links Queen’s Drive through to London Road. This allows areas, such as Canal Street, Collin Street and Carrington Street to be more pedestrian and cycle friendly and provide a better bus interchange. This is similar to the north side of the City Centre Upper & Lower Parliament Street with Milton Street. Certain elements of these projects have already been introduced and once completed will reduce general through traffic in the area.

As part of the Station program a new Traffic Regulation Order ‘TRO’ is being introduced that makes Carrington Street ‘from its junction with Station Street to its junction with Queen’s Rd/Sheriffs Way a Bus only Street. This was in response to the request from the Nottingham Hackney Taxi Association and means that only Buses and Cycles will be able to use that section of road with no other exemptions. The junction of Station Street, at its junction with Carrington Street, is already closed to general traffic, though it does allow loading vehicles to gain access to Station Street from Midnight to 7.30am in the morning, through controlled access via lockable bollards.

It is intended that the existing Prohibition of Driving on Carrington Street from its junction with Canal Street to its junction with Station Street be amended to remove the exemption for Taxis. This is to avoid drivers being caught between these two restrictions by error or through pressure from passengers that they may be carrying and therefore, being caught by the camera enforcement of the bus gate on Carrington Street outside the railway station.

The current prohibition of Private Hire Vehicles from Carrington Street will remain, along with the existing exemption allowing access to off-street parking areas and for loading, up to the junction with Station Street. However, to manage the area more affectively these activities will require a permit, which will be issued by Nottingham City Council’s Processing and Enforcement team. With regards to Goods Vehicles, such as large panel vans and HGV’s, will not require an access permit, as the Authority is looking to install an Automatic Number Plate Recognition ‘ANPR’ camera that will monitor the access from Canal Street. This unit will have new vehicle classification software, which can help identify these types of vehicles and as such automatically exempt them for access to load and unload.

When loading vehicles are looking to leave this section of Carrington Street, they will not be able to proceed in front of the Railway Station due to the Bus Only Street Order and the closure onto Station Street during the day. Therefore, vehicles will have to turn round at the junction of Station Street/Carrington Street junction and proceed back to Canal Street. Therefore, the existing Prohibition of Driving Order on the west side of Carrington Street will be removed completely.

Any driver wishing to exit Carrington Street from off-street parking places, for example the Magistrates Court can only exit out via Canal Street, in order to avoid contravening the restriction in front of the Railway Station.

The amendment to the existing restriction will be done under an Experimental Traffic Order that will last up to 18 months before it is considered being made permanent. The purpose of which, is to help facilitate the passage of pedestrians and reduce the number of vehicles to only those that have a genuine requirement and have no alternative access for off road parking or loading/unloading. It will also support the full benefits of the Station redevelopment by the public transport providers and their customers that use the area.

This will reduce the likelihood of danger to vulnerable road users, in addition, to improve the overall amenities in the area. These restrictions are increasingly common throughout the City and to protect the intended outcomes, the Council will adopt a robust position in dealing with challenges that may be made to any Penalty Charge Notices issued as part of this Order.

To support this, the scheme will include clear warning of the restriction on Carrington Street by the installation of advanced signs on Canal Street, to inform drivers and to ensure compliance to the restrictions and enable them to make an informed decision before committing themselves to enter the Street. Finally, though it is intended to support the restriction through the installation of ANPR cameras ensuring robust enforcement and better compliance, this does not prevent the Police from carrying out enforcement and allows them to target their resources elsewhere, if they choose. Please see attached plan TM/AR/TME7151M/01.

Before proceeding further with these proposals and in accordance with statutory procedures and policies, I now wish to consider your views regarding this matter. Whilst it may not be possible to agree to all your suggestions, they will be incorporated into the proposals whenever appropriate and economically feasible.

As part of the Experimental Order process, there is a six month period for objections starting with the date the order comes into force. Any comments or objections to the proposals being made permanent should be received in writing at the above address by 22nd June 2016. If you have any queries or problems regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.


June 22nd, 2016


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