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  • Nottm City Council Review of barriers on rights of way

    Created by Hugh McClintock // 1 thread

    Comments welcome please on this consultation about barriers on rights of way.

    Pedals believes that any kind of barriers should be avoided as far as possible, especially those of the A-frame design. If access controls really are needed they should take the form of bollards (or staggered bollards) rather than barrier.

    Message of 22 Feb 2016 from John Lee, Nottm City Council

    Morning all

    Some of you will recall taking part in its preparation.

    We are in the process of reviewing the attached Policy. The policy was in response to complaints about the design of barriers the council have used on rights of way to deal with motorcycles and users safety. Although barriers help deter illegal use some designs were causing problems for disabled citizens, mobility scooters, double buggies and cyclists. When deciding whether a barrier is the best solution for a particular problem/location, the policy has helped provide a consistent approach.

    As part of the review do you have any comments on the policy, for example is there anything else the policy should include so the rights of way network is kept free from unnecessary obstructions and is accessible by all? Please forward onto any contacts who may have an interest.

    Please could I have your comments by Monday 21st March.


    John Lee
    Public Rights of Way
    Traffic and Safety
    Development and Growth
    Nottingham City Council
    Loxley House
    Station Street
    NG2 3NG

    Tele: 0115 8765246
    Mobile: 07976 794880

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