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  • Dangerous traffic light timings

    Created by David Lally // 1 thread

    These details reported on Nottinghamshire's web site:

    "The timing of the lights here poses a significant threat to cyclists. A number of times recently while westbound on Nottingham Road I have been over the stop line when seeing that the lights have changed to amber (observing the nearside light at the very corner of the junction). On each occasion I have been travelling at a pretty average commuting speed (I?d estimate 8 - 12 mph). At this speed I have been about level with the central island of Barton Lane when the lights for traffic emerging northbound from there have turned amber and right in the middle of that entrance to the junction when they have turned green. This has lead to some close encounters (not to mention abuse) from drivers setting off in the usual ?It?s on green so nothing should be in my way!? attitude. Please consider lengthening the time between amber for traffic on Nottingham Road and green for cars emerging from Barton Lane. "

    The apostrophe to question mark substitution appears to be as a result of the web site's text encoding.

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